Figure Eight Table

Dyed Baltic birch plywood, hand dyed handwoven cotton, glass
20.5″x 41″x 26″
Photographed by Jafe Parsons

This table is available for sale for $2500. Please contact the artist for more information.

This table took quite some time to finally find its true self. It started life as a set of two separate tables, similar to “Kathy’s Side Table” Then one day, it was being shown in a gallery and someone was transfixed with viewing artwork on the wall and backed up into the Grape Side Table, as it was titled at the time. The table fell over and the top got dinged. I decided to make new tops for it and proceeded to create a very time-intensive, completely striped top from endgrain boards that I made, similar to “Stripe Reliquary-Green”. But as I was routing a groove in the back side of the top, the depth gauge on my router failed and I routed all the way through the son of a gun. So after taking a big break from this project, I decided to go in a new direction and make a single unifying table top that encompassed both of the bases to create a table with six legs. And this is how it stands to this day.

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