Almeyer Bed

Dyed maple plywood, purpleheart, yellowheart, cherry, hand dyed handwoven cotton

49″ x 76″ x 80″

Ok, I realize that a bed, technically, should not be under the “seating” heading. But until I make more and can justify a whole “bed” section, this is where it sits (pun intended). The lovely people who commissioned this bed asked me to reference the colors in the watercolor that hangs above the bed, as well as to include some hardwoods in the piece. So I used yellowheart and purpleheart woods that would pull colors from the painting. I used more of the painting’s colors in the handwoven fabric that runs in two strips along the center of the headboard. Everything that is black on this bed is dyed maple plywood. A subtle upcurve in the headboard is mimicked in the bed surround where I cut curves along the bottom, to give it some lift. Gaps in the headboard allow peeps of the vertical cherry wood uprights that match their cherry bedside tables. This whole piece was built to hide the mechanism for this customer’s Sleep Number bed.

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