Sarape Aztlan

Northside Aztlan Community Center, Fort Collins, CO
Dyed plywood, steel, dyed and pieced cotton

This piece was commissioned by the Northern Colorado Multicultural Corporation (NCMC), who gifted it to the City of Fort Collins for placement in the Northside Aztlan Community Center. I worked with selected staff of the Aztlan Center to come up with the design. It is based on a sarape, a Mexican woven textile. I have had weavers see pictures of this piece and think it is actually a weaving. But no, it’s much more rigid than that, being made of dyed plywoods, metal, and dyed fabric.

I was a project manager for the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places program for a number of years. My first day on the job, my boss took me to the Aztlan Center while it was still under construction. We were there to check on the progress of the public art elements that are incorporated into the building. I noticed the big blank wall on the landing of the central staircase and hoped they were going to put something really cool there, because it is such a nice space for art. A couple years later, I was asked by the NCMC to create a piece for this very space! What wonderful serendipity!

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