Sonoma Desk

Dyed Blaltic birch plywood, handpainted and handwoven cotton, copper
Photographed by Jafe Parsons

For this commission, I was asked to create a very simple desk with no drawers, just a surface on which to work and with a system along the back side that would make it easy to access computer cords. Since it was to be placed in the same room as the Sonoma Table, I used the same colors so they would coordinate. The interior of this desk features wooden squares in varying sizes that sit proud of the fabric-covered surface on which they sit. The vertical edges of the squares are clad in copper. And the fabric that covers the bottom is hand dyed and handwoven by yours truly. A sheet of glass covers the interior of the desk, leaving the wooden border exposed to give my client’s hands a warmer surface on which to rest. To wrangle the computer cords, there is trough built into the back side where cords can be hidden and accessed without having to get down on the floor. This piece was made to coordinate and cohabit with the Sonoma Table, Sonoma Cabinet, and Sonoma Sofa.

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