Dyed and pieced silk and cotton, dyed maple plywood

30″ x 114″ x 4″

Photographs by the artist

For this commissioned wallpiece, my customer told me she had a large, awkward space in her house that definitely needed artwork but she couldn’t say what it needed, exactly. And I thought, “Squeal! This is the kind of challenge I love!” The space in question is a large horizontal wall with an open doorway below and a loft space above. There is also a staircase that is visually and physically, quite the presence with its multiple balusters and handrail that cuts diagonally across the space. I knew the artwork had to be simple enough to not compete with the architecture, but bold enough to hold its own. My customer requested a gold color to coordinate with the warm woodwork in her home, as well as a green vertical element within the artwork as a tree reference. She also asked that I include a striped dyed wooden element as a nod to my furniture style. I created for her a pieced wall-hanging made up of various cotton and silk fabrics all dyed with the same color. Each fabric took the dye a little differently so there is some variation of shade and tone, but the differences are on the subtle side. There is a wooden hanging device on each end, dyed in the same gold color as the fabric. There is also a wood structure behind the green area that pushes the piece away from the wall 4″ giving it a three dimensional quality for added interest, especially when viewed from the loft.

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