Dyed Baltic birch plywood, steel tacks, sewing thread, upcycled wood frame

I originally made this piece sans thread and tacks, in 2008. I was never 100% in love with it. Then, one day in 2014, I needed a break from a very large project I was working on and decided to return my attention to Fern. I took about an hour or so to hammer in the tacks and wind the thread around them and, voila, I am now 100% in love with Fern.

On a side note, the frame for this piece came from a futon frame we used for years. Once it was decommissioned from our use, I deconstructed it and have been using the boards in some of these wall pieces.

Fern is available for sale for $185. Please contact the artist for more information: Anne@AnneBossertArt.com

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