Lucky Bamboo Hall Table

Bamboo plywood, dyed Baltic birch plywood, blown glass, aluminum
Photographed by Jafe Parsons

This table came about because of a grant I received from the American Bamboo Society. ABS was looking for artists to use bamboo in their artwork. I was happy for the opportunity to try bamboo plywood, a new material for me. Aside from this table, I used bamboo plywood in the 2010 Table. In addition to the bamboo, I tried quite a few new things with this table, including the implementation of aluminum, a custom pinstriped glass vase, and live foliage. My husband, who at the time was working as a welder, welded the aluminum structure for me (thank you Michael!). And I commissioned my good friends, Jon and Allison Schmidt, to blow the glass vase that pierces the table top. The 1″ thick top is made of bamboo plywood, while the lower shelf and the legs are dyed Baltic birch plywood. This was a really fun piece to make with all that mixed media. Thank you, American Bamboo Society, for helping me expand my horizons!

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