Stripe Reliquary – Green

Dyed Baltic birch plywood, hand dyed handwoven cotton, glass
17.5″x 48″x 19″
Photographed by Joe Mendoza

This is one of my very first tables in which fabric and wood were combined. It was in my thesis show for my MFA. I made four tables of similar design, with slight variations and called them “Stripe Reliquaries.” This one is “Stripe Reliquary-Green.” There are also blue, red, and turquoise versions. Just as a religious reliquary might house and display a relic from a saint, the interior space of the table is used to house and display the striped handmade fabric that I considered to be the relic. I wanted to present a normally mundane element in our lives, the fabric, as a precious thing to be noticed and appreciated.

The boards used in Stripe Reliquary-Green are all striped. I made the boards by stacking multiple layers of 3/4″ plywood together, then resawing them so the striped endgrain faces up. The fabric is nicely folded with mitered corners on the ends, which is something that fabric does very well. I especially love the colors in this piece. Vavoom!

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