Poppy Dot Coffee Table

Dyed Baltic birch plywood, dyed handwoven cotton, glass
Photographed by Joe Mendoza

This is one of my all time favorite pieces. The colors are inspired by some fleshy pink poppies that used to be in the PERC gardens (a research garden) on CSU’s campus. The gardens are a short walk from my house. I used to especially love going there in the spring to walk through a large patch of poppies and irises that are no longer there. I love the pink table top contrasted with the orange interior. Pink and orange are one of my favorite color combinations. I fell in love with pink and orange when I was working in an oriental rug warehouse in Denver. We would wash and repair people’s rugs. One time, this beautiful little silk number came through and it had pink and orange in it. I have been forever smitten. But I digress. The Poppy Dot Table traveled with me to shows all over the country: to the East coast and the West coast and places in between. When it finally sold, the people who bought it just happen to live on the same street as me, about a mile and a half away. Go figure.

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