Brown Table

Dyed Baltic birch plywood, hand dyed handwoven cotton, glass
15.5″x 54″x 33″
Photographed by Jafe Parsons

The fabric element of this commissioned table is unique within my body of work. I wove a length of narrow fabric that was then woven together to create a flexible surface for the center of the table top. The fabric is suspended within the table’s interior space so that it drapes down, creating a soft, flexible counterpart to the hard, flat surface of the wooden table top. After living with the table for a few weeks, this customer realized it was a few inches shorter than desired. This was a unique opportunity for me to approach the design with my problem solving skills to see how I could create a solution that would look good, function well, and not require me to deconstruct the finished piece. I decided to make squared-off balls that I doweled into the bottoms of the feet. It provides a contemporary reference to traditional claw and ball feet that I just love. I also like the overall look of the table better with this modification. What a fantastic challenge and successful outcome!

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