Zig Zag Cabinet

Dyed and undyed Maple plywood, hand dyed handwoven cotton, brass

54″ x 27″ x 17″

This cabinet is a direct descendant of the Monarch Table. In fact, the legs on this cabinet are the very same ones in the photographs of the Monarch Table. I don’t mean that they look the same. They are the same. You can read the sordid details on the Monarch Table page. So anyway, I found myself with a spare set of orange legs. This cabinet became the lemonade of the Monarch Table handing me lemons. I decided to make a piece reminiscent of the Monarch Table, but with a lot less formal pattern. I used the same 1/4″ thick tiles of plywood endgrain to create the door decoration, but in more random shapes and sizes. This meant that I had to spend a lot of time with my chisels, trimming the shapes to fit together. The colorful striped shapes within the doors are my hand dyed handwoven fabric that are mounted to an 1/8″ thick acid-free paperboard, trimmed to size, and glued in place. I called upon my latent jewelry making skills to cut the handle shapes out of brass for a custom look. Tres shiny!

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