Marigold Credenza

Dyed and undyed maple plywood, dyed Baltic birch plywood
26.5″ x 61″ x 19″
Available – $8500

This bright and cheery cabinet has three doors on the front that enclose three separate storage spaces. Each storage space measures 15″ tall x 19″ wide x 17″ deep and has an adjustable shelf (not shown). There is also a 1.5″ diameter hole drilled in the back of each storage bay to accommodate cords and wires for electronic versatility. The two doors on the sides have soft close hinges that swing out. The door in the middle is a soft open and close flap that hinges down with steel stays on the sides for stability.

The doors are decorated with angled offcuts saved from other projects. The pieces that have dark stripes on them are maple. And the pieces that have pale stripes are birch. The stripes are the glue lines that separate the laminations in the plywood. They become exposed when angles are cut into the face of the plywood. I also fabricated the doors’ knobs from maple plywood. They sit on a couple brass washers to add just a hint of metallic shine.

I chose this orangey yellow color because I was trying to incorporate more yellow into my palette, trying to reconnect with my favorite color from childhood. I must say, I love how unabashedly cheerful this piece is. It’s named after one of my very favorite flowers that as students, we grew in milk cartons on the windowsills of the elementary school, back when our ages only required a single digit.

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