Skygazer Cabinet

Dyed and undyed maple plywood, hand dyed handwoven cotton, brass
57″ x 35″ x 18.5″
Available – $15,000

The colors in the Skygazer Cabinet are inspired by of my favorite pastimes: lying in the grass and gazing at the sky, enjoying how the green leaves of nearby trees play against the blue sky. The wood used in this piece is dyed and undyed maple plywood. The skinny vertical stripes and the wider horizontal stripes in this piece are a continuation of my signature style. I take high end plywood and purposefully use the striping of the laminations for aesthetic effect. By stacking multiple pieces of plywood together and then cutting those stacks at different angles, various stripe widths are achieved. The small blue rectangles on the doors are my hand dyed handwoven cotton fabric. The stripes I have dyed and woven into the fabric are sized to mimic the skinny stripes of the plywood’s endgrain. The vertically striped plywood endgrain pieces on the doors, as well as the legs are dyed green. With the exception of two long, blue-dyed pieces of wood on the sides of the doors, all other parts of this cabinet are left undyed.

The doors are created by affixing multiple angled pieces of plywood to a 3/4″ thick backer. The extra thickness of these assembled doors are supported on heavy duty hinges that have a soft close feature. All those different pieces on the doors are plywood off-cuts that result from the construction of other projects. Assembled together, their angles create an undulating striped surface (which is more easily seen in the detail photos). I incorporate these off-cuts into my work to keep them out of the landfill, and because it’s just so much fun to arrange them into compositions like this. The doors are asymmetrically sized, with the left one narrower than the right. Brass handles have been placed to continue the asymmetry. And brass brads have been driven into every piece on the doors to add a little metallic sparkle. The Skygazer Cabinet has been sprayed with a poly-acrylic finish in a matte luster.

The inside of the cabinet is bisected by a shelf. And on the backs of the doors, you will find little recessed circles filled with my handmade fabric, punctuated with a single brass brad in the center. This detail brings the fabric element from the front of the cabinet to the inside, as a little surprise for anyone who cares to open it.

The Skygazer Cabinet is for sale for $15,000. Please contact Anne for more information.

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