Niche Storage

Dyed maple plywood, hand dyed handwoven cotton, patina-blackenend aluminum

Shelf half: 37″ x 65.5″ x 10″
Cabinet half: 37″ x 55″ x 12″

Photos by the artist

This commissioned storage unit is comprised of 2 perpendicular halves. The left side is shelving. The right side has 3 drawers across the top, open shelving in the middle, and cabinet space along the bottom. The drawer fronts feature aluminum-framed handwoven fabric with coordinating dyed plywood handles emerging from the centers. The cabinet doors are adorned with a grid of nine 3″x 3″ squares. The eight outer squares are my handwoven fabric, with a center square of striped endgrain plywood. This piece was designed to coordinate with the “Ellison cabinet.”

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