Nancy’s Cabinet

Dyed Baltic birch plywood, hand dyed handwoven cotton, lazy susan base

Photographed by Joe Mendoza

This fabulous little cabinet was commissioned to house my client’s knitting needles. It has drawers on all four sides that are sized to fit specific types of needles and notions. It sits on a lazy susan base so it can be spun around for easy access to all sides. It also has a lid on the top that opens up to a segmented tray. The tray can be removed to reveal a secret compartment where a few balls of yarn can be stashed. This compartment is lined with my hand dyed handwoven fabric. Designing this cabinet made my brain hurt – it was quite challenging for me as I endeavored to use all of the interior space. An interesting fact about this cabinet is that it survived the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The house it was in didn’t survive, but it collapsed in a way that protected this little beauty. Thankfully, my patrons also made it out alive.

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